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We prepare all for a future in counselling with our specifically designed practical courses.
We love what we do, and all you need to join us is the desire to help others and strong willingness to learn.

Why are we different...

We create a special atmosphere where each and every student knows they matter and are considered to be a core and vital member to the class. You can trust us that no one will get lost in the system here!

We are the only organisation that includes a residential as part of the Level 4 qualification at no additional cost.

We also have guest speakers who come and visit us to share their specialist knowledge and give valuable insights.

Our courses are designed to be very practical, but planned in a way that our students learn for life.

Our teaching gives you the knowledge you need to prepare for your future in counselling.

We love what we do and this radiates throughout our entire organisation.

Meet the Team

We regularly hold meet the team evenings and if you can't make one of them we will arrange to meet you on a one to one basis. Drop us an email or call to arrange it will be a pleasure

Paul Mehlman

Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Motivation, N.L.P.
Paul’s diverse background led him to eventually become a counselling tutor full time. Prior to this, Paul was a Police Officer and Trainer for the Metropolitan Police Service, where during this time he was selected as a motivational speaker and facilitator for their Leadership Academy.

Paul has been teaching Counselling since 2007, as well as having lectured in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Psychotherapy.

Paul's profuse combination of life experience, drive, humour and his vast therapeutic knowledge creates a stimulating and vibrant learning environment for both individuals and companies alike.

Danielle Lyons

Counselling, Hypnotherapy,Psychotherapy, Executive Coach, N.L.P.
Danielle has been involved in teaching and training for over 25 years. She first qualified as a professional therapist in 2001. Her expertise has seen her work with a wide range of clients, including young children and adolescents.
Danielle has a passion for sharing her knowledge in the pursuit to help others, as well as teaching with her unparalleled enthusiasm, giving her students an exciting and creatively planned lesson throughout all her teachings.

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Our Courses Are Accredited By 'CPCAB' Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body
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